Pommaux/Ylla-Somers: Wir und unsere Geschichte


"Wir und unsere Geschichte" is a collective history of the world, told from an uncommon point of view. Written in the first-person plural, "Wir und unsere Geschichte" is a book of our history, emphasizing our unity as a species, beginning with the birth of our planet and our common origins in Africa, and describing how we came to be who we are in all our numerous guises. As hunter-gatherers and nomads, inventors of tools, farmers and breeders, we evolved in various ways, influenced by outside forces, such as different climates and geographies, which led to our divisions into different civilizations. Our past was one of incredible invention, the creation of art, the development of writing, the birth of science, religion, and philosophy, but also of constant struggle for survival, of colonization, of revolution, slavery, and war. With detailed maps, intricate illustrations, and vivid descriptions, All of Us is a gripping and inclusive world history for young readers, a history of the family of man.

Yvan Pommaux and Christophe Ylla-Somers: Wir und unsere Geschichte. Hard Cover, 96 pages, Moritz Verlag 2015

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Pommaux/Ylla-Somers: Wir und unsere Geschichte

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