Süß: Deutsche Schreibschrift. Übungsbuch


Harald Süß. Learning to read and write German script. Many an archive contains examples of neat yet strange handwriting which looks pretty but is impossible to read - let alone write. Study this book and dig up buried treasure; maybe if you become more familiar with the old running hands and scripts of our ancestors you may find yourself delving into your family history, flicking through Grandma's handwritten cookery book for some exotic recipes from the past - or suddenly being able to decipher important ancient letters and documents.

Harald Süß: Deutsche Schreibschrift. Lesen und Schreiben lernen. Excerise Book. Paperback, 32 pages, Knaur Ratgeber Verlag 2003. German edition.

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Süß: Deutsche Schreibschrift. Übungsbuch

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