Boisrobert/Rigaud: Oh, mein schöner Hut!


Between the covers of That’s My Hat! lies a pop-up city that is full of surprises. The adventure unfolds in three dimensions with the turn of each page: a blue hat blows away with the wind, only to be stolen by a mischievous monkey. Readers must follow the monkey as he scampers through a library, a bakery, a zoo, and other familiar places, transformed in this playfully illustrated, interactive world. Illustrated in color throughout.

Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud: Oh, mein schöner Hut!: Pop-up Hard Cover. 28 pages, Jacobi Stuart Verlag 2016, German edition.

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Boisrobert/Rigaud: Oh, mein schöner Hut!

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