Aspelin/Esterl: Bei den Pilzkindern


The mushroom folk are waking up from their winter sleep and emerging into the sunshine. Each family has its own characteristics and we get to know them well in these charming little tales. Meet the golden Coral Mushrooms, the bumpy Brain Mushrooms, the pale Parasol Mushrooms, the fat Puffballs, the stinky Stinkhorns and the regal Button Mushrooms. Illustrated in a classic style reminiscent of Elsa Beskow and Sibylle von Olfers, this is a lovely picture book filled with natural detail of the woods and meadows where the mushroom folk live.

Signe Aspelin and Arnica Esterl: Bei den Pilzkindern. Hard Cover, 32 pages, Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag 2015, German edition.

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Aspelin/Esterl: Bei den Pilzkindern

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